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10 of the Most Cool Space Saving Staircase Designs

I have seen spiral staircases and ladders used for staircases in houses and thought they would be a pain to deal with, especially getting furniture up and down.  It seems inconvenient, but in some cases they actually help add necessary space to a house which wouldn’t have existed before.  I live in a small northend home and have thought about adding on to the back to add more space for a future family.  It is tough when there isn’t much room to expand to begin with.  I found an old article that shows space saving staircase designs which would definitely come in handy for smaller homes.  Below are a couple of my favorites.

This red corner spiral staircase doesn’t take up much room at all and fits well into the corner.  It would be great for getting to a remodeled attic with a small entrance.

This staircase appears to be steep, and also very well made and thought out.  This would be a great remodel for a small house because you can store books, cds, and dvds under each stair and along the walls.

You can view the whole article here.

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