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Knowing When You’re Ready…with Elizabeth Banks

Boise Northender Softball Team Takes 3rd Place

Thanks to everyone who played this year who could not make it to the last game and were not in the team photo.  We took 3rd place in our co-ed end of the year tourney where we played teams in higher divisions than us.  Not too shabby!  It was a fun year! And below is […]

Who Rocks Their Look Better, Boise Doug Martsch or Boise Jeremy Rynearson?

Doug (Dug) Martsch vs. Jeremy (BoiseNorthender) Rynearson.  Tough vote!  I will cast my ballot for Doug though.  🙂

Ada to Irene

Backwashed thoughts, and you made me talk No you made me listen There’s a feeling from Ada to Irene There’s something, there’s nothing You haven’t seen Tiny TV, on at three, so serene No place to be, alone So come on over, yeah Let’s sit down a little while Some wine, you will find The same things The […]


Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker listed their Manhattan townhouse for $25 million.  They bought the home not long ago in March of 2011 in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village for $19 million, but now they have decided to throw it back on the market because it lacked privacy.  The couple has reportedly never even moved into […]

Always nice to catch a fat rainbow on the O. #rainbowtrout #owyheeriver #skwalathermohoody #cortlandnymphrod #hardyreels